Open letter to Peter & Paul (P-Square) & Jude



Hi P-sqare,

? We are disappointed by the way you guys are acting this year, to say the truth ever since 1of you married his elder as Wife the team have not been in peace starting from the period she wanted properties to be shared that was when I started having a bad feeling about her I did not say I don’t like her but…like they say, Love is Blind, please do not let her determine you guys fate remember what your mum told you guys.

last time I checked you guys where advising other artistes having little issues, now you guys are being advised why na, I did not plan on writing this earlier but I just had to put something down to make you understand I feel that is wrong.

You guys need help, You guys need to Reconcile with God, You guys need special intervention from God because everything is now falling apart & it’s not a good sign, you need God’s wisdom on this, not Mere human thinking, you guys should go ask for forgiveness to God so he would intervene in your matter.

I just wonder if you guys know whom you are? You guys have made history, you have made people believe that Someday hustle pays it only takes a time, you guys are the most paid artistes in Nigeria, Your Videos are 1 of the most viewed in YouTube etc, Multiple Award winners & 1 of the most Nominated duo in International Awards, Most influential Duo More to Mention…you made people understand that 2heads are better than 1, without a Team its hard.

In my Platform (Website) your songs are the most Downloaded, at least in 5-10Minutes of drop I see a whooping 3000+ African Downloads that’s A Record Sir in my Platform, you guys are NG Nike Ambassadors For Christ Sake. You guys Don pass This Shit Abeg!! C as people the talk about una, are you guys kids? Na wa o, what Examples are you guys displaying for your kids? How to be a failure after Years of hard work ?? We are disappointed Nwanne, Obi adirom nma (I’m annoyed), If I see you guys I still believe there’s future for Ibo & Nigeria Artistes in the industry, but see what’s happening to you guys

I don’t wanna say if its someone’s Fault, but what ever that’s causing this Pray to God & Try to Settle it Amicably as a Family you guys should show a good Example of the family you are coming from & try to Listen to your Bro Jude concerning music & Family not your marital life because I think he gat no business with that.

I hope you guys get to see this & be hurt inside of you then reconcile, Una Don over do abeg, Remember this photo?


Written By, Emy Banks (Professional Music Blogger, Distributor & P.R)

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