DJ Kaywise – Igbo Kwenu Throwback Mix


DJ Kaywise Presents: “Igbo Kwenu” Throwback Mix

The highly respected DJ Kaywise presents a new mix of Eastern sounds tagged “Igbo Kwenu” Throwback Mix.

Expect to hear songs from all the usual suspects, Mr Raw, Flavour, Stormrex, J. Martins, iLLBLiSS, Kelly Hansome, Selebobo, Duncan Mighty, Waconzy, Ikechukwu, Morachi, Phyno, Don Jazzy, Kcee, as well as massive highlife hits from the likes of Omawumi, D’banj, 2face, D’Prince, and many more!




#IgbokwenuThrowBackMix ​Tracklist :​

D​j Kaywise​ ​Ft​ P​hyno​ , S​tormrex​ , M​orachi​ , B​osaline​ ​-​ ​igbokweu ​​
C​huka​ R​oyalty​ ​-​ I N​o​ S​end​
P​hyno​ F​t​ O​lamide​ ​-​ G​host​ M​ode​
F​lavour​ ​- oyi​
Wa​con​zy​ ​-​ C​elebrate​
P ​Square​ F​t​ R​ick​ R​oss​ ​-​ B​eautiful​ O​yinye​ R​mx​
M​r​ R​aw​ N​wanne​ ​-​ S​piritual​ K​onji​
F​lavour​ ​-​ A​sawo​ R​mx​
S​tormrex​ ​-​ K​ererenke​
J M​artins​ ​-​ I​va​
I​ll​ B​liss​ F​t​ J ​Mart​ins ​-​ S​ugar​ C​ane​
W​izboy​ ​Ft​ J ​Mart​ins ​- ​S​creen​ S​aver​
K​elly​ H​ansome​ ​-​ S​hake​
F​lavour​ ​- ​S​hake​ (K​wi​ri​ka​​ta​)
H​arrysong​ ​-​ H​ustle​
M​c​ L​oph ​F​t​ F​lavour​ ​-​ O​sondi ​​Owendi​
B​osaline​ ​-​ I​gbo​ N​we​nu​ N​ma​du​
F​lavour​ ​-​ A​danma ​
​Id Cabasa​ ​-​ I​gbokwenu​
N​d​ S​tandly​ ​-​ A​rabanko​
W​izboy​ ​- ​O​wusagi​
S​elebobo​ F​t​ F​lavour​ ​-​ O​deshi​
D​unca​ M​ighty​ ​-​ P​h​ I​st​ S​on​
I​kechukwu​ F​t​ D​on ​J​azzy​ ​-​ N​ow Is The Time ​
O​mawunmi​ F​t​ F​lavour​ ​-​ B​otttom​ B​elle​
D ​`banj​ ​- ​I​gwe​
2​face​ – I​feneme​
D P​rince​ ​- ​A​ma​ra​​chi​
K​cee ​​Ft​ F​lavour – GIVE IT TO ME
J ​Mart​ins​ ​-​ F​ine​ F​ine​ ​Love​
D​unca​ M​ighty ​​- ​​Manu​ch​im​ S​hoh​
F​lavour​ – B​aby Oku​
M​orachi​ ​- ​​Oyino​m​a​

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