LYRICS: Ice Prince – Feelings


AUDIO/VIDEO: Ice Prince – Feelings


“Feelings” by Ice Prince – Lyrics:

Ooh ooh, ah ah (x2)

U know I got some feelings for you
Feelings for you Know I got some feelings for you Feelings for you Oh my gash u know I’ll drop a million for you Million for you Straight up to the ceiling for you
Ceiling for ehhhhh

Verse 1:
I ain’t lying ama never let u run away/ if you ready, I’ll be ready for you I kill a nigga from a mile away/ if I catch him riding dirty on you I know that you deserve better/ when it’s ice cold I got that fur sweater/ I don’t care what nobody say/ I holiday you in st tropes/ I got the juice, mama say I got the juice and u know that
my love is the truth/ I ain’t got time to be talking to niggaz/ thirsty niggaz Wey dey holla at you/ I see the way that liking your
photo/ like say na you be Erykah baddu/ I like the way that u riding my moto/ nothing perfect can be better than you so Ure
stuck in my feelings

It’s going down Forreal Oh girl u carry tire, oh girl u carry gan Oh girl u carry tire, oh girl u carry too much

Bridge (Sammy Gyang):
Girl u know u make me fantasize/ everytime I look inside your eyes/ girl you know u make me wanna stay… Ehh

Verse 2:
I don’t care if they still be hating/ I put thee behind me that satan/ u deserve that new buggatti/ even tho I no get am I fit to
try yeh/ no need for frontin u already know/ u ride for me you Know I’ll ride for you/ I don’t care what they think about it/ as long as u keep thinking bout me/ we calling outta control/ they running outta controls/ we the ones they talk about everytime we walk into and outta that door/ and I just predicted the future, and u so addicted to future/ u the one that told me u can have a baby for me long as I deliver/ girl u know h make me fantasize/ everytime I look inside your eyes/ I can never put you to the side, I got some feelings for you

Oooh… U know I got u from the bottom of my heart and I be hoping that u understand Oooh… Oyea… ehhhh….

Ice Prince Bio:
Ice Prince Zamani (Panshak Zamani) is an award-winning rapper signed to the Chocolate City Music record label. Ice Prince has gained phenomenal success in entertainment, in Africa and beyond, through his unique brand of Hip Hop music. A frequent collaborator with international stars such as French Montana, Gyptian and Sarkodie, Ice Prince is also known for his mega hits
Aboki, Oleku and Superstar.

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